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Our Journey

We'd like to introduce you to Louise - She is meticulous, elegant, and whimsical

When people ask how I got started on my soap journey. I smile and tell them it really began when I was a child,but didn’t take fruit until randomly passing by a bookstore in the mid-90s and finding a book on handmade soapmaking.

As a child, well even as an adult I suffer from poor kidney function which really affected my skin making it extremely dry. Many years of medicated creams had no effect on me. All skincare we had access to was the commercially available brands. and although they are great cleansers, they just had no remaining moisturizing value.

So on a whim I decided to make my first handmade soap and, for the very first time, I lost the constant itchiness and the feeling that “my skin was too tight on me” feeling. I am sure many of you can understand how overjoyed I was!

We really started to get popular once our products were selected to be in the gift bags of the press and celebrities who attended GBK’s Oscars Gift Lounge. From that moment on we decided to branch out and grow a little larger and join Etsy and other social media platforms.

We know you will enjoy what we have created for your skin as we have taken years of experience and a little bit of creative flair in our choice of ingredients, colors and textures.

Cruelty free, That’s our promise

Just like our sustainability and social commitments, having a cruelty free brand is something that’s extremely important to us. Gastown Soapworks and SoGa Artisan Soaperie do not support and/or endorse product testing on animals. There has been absolutely no product testing on animals across any of our ranges, nor will you find any animal products in our ingredients list.

It is more than just testing on animals or avoiding animal products, it’s also about saying NO to an industry that supports it. Gastown Soapworks and SoGa Artisan Soaperie is 100% cruelty free, no grey areas included. We say no to any business partnerships that require us to break our ethos in order to make some extra coin.

We do not and will not conduct any business with or export to any countries that currently require animal testing, until the legal requirement of testing of animals has stopped and/or is prohibited.

High Standards

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Work Tirelessly

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Skilled Growers

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Growing up, I still remember that it was commonplace to use disposable.. well.. everything. And then, some years later, seeing the islands of plastic trash featured on television and social media.. It’s something that drilled a mentality of sustainability once I realized we had the choice. As a family business, Gastown Soapworks ~ SoGa Soap has always been an environmentally aware and sustainably conscious brand. From the product design, to the making, to the producing of the product we carefully consider each manufacturing stage and how this is contributing to the sustainability of our environment. It started with using recyclable plastics only to now, striving for an entirely plastic free future.

All of our products and/or packaging are recyclable or has been made from recycled materials depending on the item. We always ask ourselves: Can this be reused, recycled or repurposed? It’s not just the product or it’s packaging we consider but also the tissue paper it’s wrapped in, the void fill it’s packed in and the shipper carton it’s sent in.

We do what we can to make impactful choices and initiatives with our suppliers.

We request our suppliers to stop the individual wrapping of each product part sent to us. I.E. the lid, the bottle, the bottle caps, the oil dropper, the bag strap etc. Instead we request that these parts be placed together in the same order. It starts with a single tree.

Our Soaperies

Our Standards

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